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Glass fiber internet connections are the future of broadband internet. It the next couple of years the amount of fiber connections is expected to grow exponentially. Right now the large communication corporations, cable suppliers, etc are making the necessary investments in the required infrastructure. Contrary to the introduction of DSL internet connections a couple of years ago, glass fiber requires a completely new web of cables. In large parts the in The Netherlands these cables still need to be placed but in a quite a few spots glass fiber connections are already available. Chances are you yourself will switch to fiber in the next 5 years or so. It's about time then, that a community around this topic is launched. Enter: This community website collects news about Dutch fiber initiatives and investments. Furthermore the website reviews hardware fit for fiber, explains the ins and outs such as: different connection types, applications, and details on the service suppliers. Finally the site has a postal code check that allows you to check for available connections on your address and that lists the various prices and subscriptions.