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Open, honest and sex-positive, the Love Matters programme is a global leader in delivering information and media on love, sex and relationships to 18-30 year olds in areas where information on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) is censored or taboo.

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SWAT Engineering

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The SWAT Engineering website recently received a visual update. I've made some responsive templates based on a design by Kitty Molenaar. The designs use CSS Grid and any animations or client side behaviours are pure CSS based, so no Javascript necessary.


Proserve home desktop

At identify firm Total Active Media we’ve implemented a completely new design for hosting service provider Proserve. My role involved tasks like front-end development, website configuration, responsive site setup. This website was featured on Adobe’s as a showcase in early 2017.

PostNL Developers Portal

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Dutch mail and parcel distributor PostNL has a wide range of APIs that developers can use for parcel tracking, postal code lookups, and much more. For reference to developers we built a portal containing extensive api documentation and a sandboxing tool to test api functionality.


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With a team of front-end specialists at De Voorhoede we built a trading site for heavy machinery: Tradus. This site went from initial concepts to market leading in Europe within 6 months. At which time it contained about half a millions objects for trade. Tradus is an initiative of the classifieds experts OLX. The initial site was built in Drupal 8 and has since been gradually migrated to a services based system.


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The Dutch chamber of commerce has initiated a project with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the NLelevator and NL2025 groups to promote business growth in the Netherlands. This project, nlgroeit, aims to match successful entrepreneurs (1-10 million revenue) with even more successful entrepreneurs (10 million +). Through sharing their experience in mentorships roles, nlgroeit hopes to support businesses to take a next step in their development. Nlgroeit also organises events, webinars, peer-learning and expert sessions.


TransFollow is a new logistics tracking platform. The platform is unique as it is secure, there is bilateral consignment and the whole shipment chain can be monitored in real time. We've developed the product site for this new product.

You can see a short clip on how this works in layman's terms below:

Dangerous Goods Service Portal

In 2014 Dutch logistics company Beurtvaartadres released a new web portal. The DGSPortal contains a throve of information on the transportation of Dangerous Goods. The website is an advanced extension of the iOS / Android apps that the company also offers. Apart from the basic information on Dangerous Goods themselves, users of the site can add business specific information to individual goods.


In conjunction with 2Value, I've been doing support and development work for a Dutch logistical company called Beurtvaartadres. They need a support supplier who acts as a partner rather than treat them as a traditional client. So far we've managed to tackle issues around quite a few projects together, the most prominent of which are their twin corporate websites.

Beurtvaartadres is an indepent organization for everyone involved in the transportation of goods.

VvAA Zomercampagnes

While the summer is coming to an end the last of the VvAA summer campaigns are being launched. Within the span of a mere 2 weeks we've deployed this site designed by CoR. The site consists of a lot of custom styling. Especially in the various modal boxes. Although the amount of different pages is limited it's been a bit of a challenge to both grant the editors the maintainability they need and have all this custom styling within the site.