Drupal 7 BlogApi

I’m back at testing the Drupal BlogApi. The XMLRPC blogapi used to be a core module in Drupal 6. But in Drupal 7 this module has been moved to contrib (ie, it’s no longer part of the Drupal core). But… the contrib module has been in an unstable state for some years now. Enter the Alternative Blogapi contrib module. It sounds daft to have 2 blog api modules in contrib (and it is). But at least this alternative is working (sort of). With some effort and some rigorous testing, this should be made robust enough to compete with the likes of movable type and wordpress. It really is a shame that Drupal has been devoid of a stable desktop blogging client for so long. Right now I’ve got the MetaWeblog API going on Drupal 7. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this article on MacJournal. And even though blogging might sound a bit too 2007 to you, I cannot stress enough how important it would be to make Drupal a viable choice for copywriters, and specifically bloggers. Many of them use desktop clients and have been in a pickle for the entire lifespan of Drupal 7 now. With Drupal 8 about to arrive, this is quite embarrassing. So lets give the blogapi_new issue queue some love. Because I have a feeling, the main blogapi contrib module won’t be here any time soon.

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