My coworkers at Tressis and me have created another green site. The website's layout is mainly blue, but the client is green at heart. E-Connection is a company that starts projects in sustainable energy, specifically wind energy. You could say they are a typically Dutch company, since they deal in wind mills. In their own words:

Glasvezel Community

Glass fiber internet connections are the future of broadband internet. It the next couple of years the amount of fiber connections is expected to grow exponentially. Right now the large communication corporations, cable suppliers, etc are making the necessary investments in the required infrastructure. Contrary to the introduction of DSL internet connections a couple of years ago, glass fiber requires a completely new web of cables. In large parts the in The Netherlands these cables still need to be placed but in a quite a few spots glass fiber connections are already available.

Studiekring Technische Informatie en Communicatie

Afgelopen maand is de restyling van de Studiekring Technische Informatie en Communicatie gelanceerd. Ik heb in opdracht van Eden Design een template gemaakt van de nieuwe vormgeving die zij hadden ontwikkeld. Mooie schone CSS met heldere xhtml... heerlijk.