TransFollow is a new logistics tracking platform. The platform is unique as it is secure, there is bilateral consignment and the whole shipment chain can be monitored in real time. We've developed the product site for this new product. You can see a short clip on how this works in layman's terms below:

Dangerous Goods Service Portal

In 2014 Dutch logistics company Beurtvaartadres released a new web portal. The DGSPortal contains a throve of information on the transportation of Dangerous Goods. The website is an advanced extension of the iOS / Android apps that the company also offers. Apart from the basic information on Dangerous Goods themselves, users of the site can add business specific information to individual goods.


In conjunction with 2Value, I've been doing support and development work for a Dutch logistical company called Beurtvaartadres. They need a support supplier who acts as a partner rather than treat them as a traditional client. So far we've managed to tackle issues around quite a few projects together, the most prominent of which are their twin corporate websites.

Beurtvaartadres is an indepent organization for everyone involved in the transportation of goods.