Drupal 8 is an opportunity to learn

Submitted by bas on Fri, 27/09/2013 - 16:18

DrupalCon Prague has just finished. One of the major topics this conference was the unrest about the incipient Drupal 8 release in the Drupal community. Only recently Drupal was forked into Backdrop. "Drupal 8 is too complex" seems to be the main argument to fork.

2Value Subversion

2Value is a network organisation. In this organisation I am among a growing number of associates who create high quality open source software solutions for the web. The network character is one of the great strengths of such a company. However, you need a set of effective procedures and collaborative tools for such an organisation to work effectively. In the last couple of months I worked on implementing Subversion and localised environments in 2Value.


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